China Technology Roadshow I

Sep 1st - Sep 11th

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Roadshow I : Shanghai, Jiaxing & Foshan
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Foshan - Tech Tour

Sep 8th - Sep 11th

Shanghai - Caohejing Tech Carnival

Sep 1st - Sep 5th

Jiaxing - Tech Tour

Sep 6th - Sep 7th

2019 Shanghai Caohejing Hi-Tech Carnival

Caohejing Hi-Tech Carnival is the most significant branding event of Caohejing Hi-tech Park to build Shanghai into a Global Science and Technology Innovation Center. 

2019 is the 35th anniversary of the establishment of Caohejing Hi-Tech Park, and as an important part of the celebrating events, Caohejing Hi-Tech Carnival will be held from September 3 to 6. The Carnival includes the Opening Forum, Entrepreneurship Innovation Competition, Cutting-edge Technology Exhibition, and various events. The goal of these events is to build a quality platform for Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Scholars, to share the latest technological achievements, facilitate influential communications of innovation and business climate.

Global Competition and opportunity to win access to free resources in China

  • Sep 3rd - Open Innovation


Caohejing Park Salon

Address: CHJ Renaissance Hotel - 397 Tianlin Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai

  • Sep 4th - Global Innovation Semifinal Competition (Canada)

Roadshow I Itinerary
Shanghai - Caohejing Hi-Tech Carnival
  • Sep 5th - Innovation and Entrepreneurship Final Competition (Overseas Project)

Address: CHJ Renaissance Hotel - 397 Tianlin Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai

  • Sep 6th - Pitch event at Hanhai Jiaxing Technology incubator

  • Sep 7th - Visit Zhejiang Jiaxing Xiuzhou Hi-tech Zone

Foshan - Tech Tour
  • Sep 9th - Pitch event at Foshan National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone

  • Sep 10th - Business Matchmaking

Stay tuned for our next roadshow in Oct/Nov.
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Jiaxing - Tech Tour


Early Bird: 11:59pm on August 5th, 2019 (Pacific Time)

Regular: 7pm on August 10th, 2019 (Pacific Time)

C2 iBridge will provide Travel Assistance for early bird applications (one participant per company).

Early Bird Pricing: By August 5th: FREE; After August 5th: $600,

Other Conditions Apply. Please contact us for details.